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Missions UPdate - Summer 2015

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Missions UPdate - Summer 2015

FCA Ghana trip

In May I attended FCA's "3-Dimensional Coach's Training" to be certified as a qualified presenter for 3 Dimensional Coaching strategy. This program has revolutionize coaching by training coaches on "How to reach the 3rd dimension of student athletes, the heart behind the jersey." Because of this training, I was asked to participate in presenting "3-Dimensional Coaching" to 50+ coaches in Ghana, Africa. Ellen and I began to pray about this opportunity. There were natural obstacles: a week away from family, the local FCA ministry is richly opening in our area, finances for plane tickets and travel. After much prayer, all we heard was the Lord saying, "Go!"

60 coaches around Ghana came together for teaching and training in
3-Dimensional Coaching. This was my huddle group that I spent time with talking, praying and sharing life.

It made a whole lot of sense not to go to Ghana. For whatever reasons, I
didn’t have a visa to get into Ghana and every web site dealing with travel to Ghana said
that westerners would not be permitted to enter the country without one. Another reason, on
Saturday afternoon I only had 29.00 in my account to travel in country.
It would be easier to tell the team I’m not coming and no one would question my rational.
After all, isn’t there more than enough to do here? These are the thoughts and battles that
went through my mind Saturday less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to fly out.
Yet God’s word says “to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own
understanding.” What were the instructions of the Lord? He said go and I had said okay I’ll
go. Obedience was the only option for me. Would I trust the report of man or the report of
the Lord? Okay Lord I’ll go but I need some money and I need your favor to get past Ghana
Immigration. Late Saturday without any prompting from me people began to stop by with
money and by 7:00 am Sunday morning I had all the funds to cover my expenses I was
expecting and to travel in country. It was the first of several miracles that would take place
in order for me to accomplish his call. Ellen reminded me that my true passport is that of a
heavenly Kingdom and it’s not limited to earthly governments. With her encouragement I
would plow ahead. With money in hand and bags packed I was set to go. I received a
phone call from Dennis Hayford, our trip coordinator. He had been speaking with Vincent
our FCA contact man in Ghana. Vincent had spoken with the immigration authorities and he
said there was no way I was going to get into the country and it would be better to not go.
Satan has one tactic and that is to lie to us which causes intimidation and confusion. At that
moment, it was working on me. Dennis said it was up to me and he would respect my
decision whatever it would be. I needed to spend with the Lord. Once again, Ellen and I
cried out to the Lord for His direction. When Dennis called back the only words that would
come out of my mouth and I must confess it was with tears were “How will I know if I
don’t go”. If I stay home I will never know what mighty work God has in store, and if I’m
sent back oh well it’s on Father, not me. My responsibility was to go until I could go no
The other picture that became very vivid to me at that moment was the 100s and 100s of
students I stand before every semester, what would I say to them? You can trust God until it
gets tuff and then you have to choose plans based on what seems best for you. To not go
would be to say yes God is great but there are limitations to how much I would trust him. I
was going and if I got stopped I would share Christ with whomever I can in the Ghana
airport and I will turn around and come home.
But God had other plans in mind.
Miracle number one. Dennis, Del, and Dan were all asked at their points of departure to
show there visa stickers before ever getting on the first flight. I was never asked that
question not one time. That alone would have derailed the trip before it ever got off the
Upon arrival in the Ghana airport there was a Ghana immigration official after listening to
my case said he needed to talk to my host, Vincent. At 10:30 pm Dennis called Vincent who
lived five hours away from airport. The conversation that ensued seemed to go on for an
eternity but it was more like 10 minutes. After he hung up, he simply said it would be 150.00
dollars and I would have to fill out some forms. And just like that I was admitted into Ghana
with my heavenly visa and kingdom passport.
Later the next day I asked Vincent what he and the man had talked about. He said he told
the man that several years ago they use to let people get visas upon arrival what changed.
The immigration official said that was true but the law had changed several years ago and
they don’t do it anymore, to which Vincent replied, “no one ever told me and I’ve invited this
man to come and we can’t send him away.” With no human logic of sense but with the hand
of Almighty God I was granted the appropriate documents to enter and travel around the
country legally.
The ministry to 55+ coaches and the basketball camp with 50 kids was a great blessing and
was what I believe is the beginning of a movement that will sweep the nation in the months
and years to come.
Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Johnny Morgan, youth pastor at Live Oak Baptist Church, shares a word with the LOHS football team.

Team Building @ Live Oak High School
August 10th FCA partnered with 4 area youth pastors to put on a team building and leadership development mini-camp. Over 80 football players from the LOHS Football team participated. Jarrod Hegwood shared the gospel of the Kingdom of God at the end of our time with the team. We cut up 20 watermelons all before they started practice.

SLU Cross Country Track Team members working on team building exercises during a recent retreat at Lion King Retreat Center
Investing in the Cross Country Track team at SLU

"How can I help?"A simple question I asked the head track coach at SLU!
The answer to that question led to an opportunity to spend 4 days with 18 college students sharing about life, purpose, and Jesus.

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